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Lovns Bredning, 30/11 – 2014

A trip to Lovns Bredning with the Bombay guys wadefishing for sea trout. We started out at Virksund but our local guides Michael and Frank were not optimistic as the water was extremely low – actually 50 cm below normal and they claimed that the spots we were going to fish at were best at 10-20 cm above normal level. They both claimed that they have never seen the water this low. The reason was the wind that has been East  and South for a couple of weeks. The wind from East also means that the temperature was low – just above the freezing point.

Michael showed that he was the local man as he landed this trout just below the minimum size limit quite soon. I lost a similar fish soon after and then felt nothing more. The cold weather made our car stop efter a couple of hours while the others continued but when we left no legal fish had been landed.


2014-11-30 12.32.02

Bølling sø 2/11 – 2014

My first trip to Bølling sø, which is an app. 8 year old lake that was created by stopping the draining af the area. Therefore we fish where there used to be trees and bushes. The Water is coloured by the peat so flash is the obvious choice for the flies.

2014-11-02 12.49.51

Many trees still shows but there are a lot of trees that is jus below the surface so it is unavoidable to hook a tree once in a while.


2014-11-02 14.05.52

I lost many pikes this day but still managed to get 10 pikes in the hand. They were quite small most of them, The largest was 4-5 Pound but they will grow and I will come back another time



Glenstrup sø, 26/10 – 2014

Lars  and Henrik had arranged a pontoon boat demonstration with the Sport Fisher girls at Glenstrup sø and this naturally included pike fishing. Unfortunately the wind was very strong which did not make things easy for the rookies in the pontoon boats. Despite the difficulties the spirit was high and everyone gave it a shot. I was testing my new pike rod – a Sage Pike – with two Rio pike lines in floating and sinking versions. 2014-10-26 12.59.23 The test went fine except that I only got the chance to fight a fish once as this 4 Pound pike showed mercy and grabbed my fly. Only two pikes were caught among 11 fishermen so it was a very slow day. The highlight of the day for me was when we saw two sea eagles being harassed by crows. Two sea eagles together is a first for me in Denmark

Listerlandet 16/10 – 19/10 2014






3 days of pike fishing from pontoon boats in the brackish water of the Baltic sea in Sweden with 10 fellow fly fishermen. The weather forecast was acceptable but as usual it was worse than predicted.


2014-10-16 13.45.08

The first day some of us fished in Pukaviken and we did catch a decent number of fish but they were quite small. I got 11 pikes but the largest was app. 4 Pounds so not much to brag about. The flash flies in darker colours seemed to be the way to go on this trip


2014-10-16 15.04.58

Erland fished from a Scadden boat were the seat was exchanged to a moulded seat with much better comfort as this is a weak point in this construction.



Erland this day got this very nice pike – 108 cm. It was by a good margin the best fish of the trip. The lip piercing we could have done without on the photo.

The second day it rained all day. I fished with Søren and only got 2 fish each and lost a couple as well but we ended early to make a nice dinner and have some beer and rum.



The last day it was not raining but still quite windy so at times we had to work hard. Here Thomas is fighting a pike in the waves.



and presenting it before release.

The last day started really slow for me but later I found some spots with pikes that seemed to pile up in spots. I got 17 pikes and the last one was a good-sized fish in the 9 – 10 Pound range so I was content. Everyone got fish in good numbers but we missed more bigger fish and could do without the rain.



Barsø, 3/10-5/10 – 2014

A weekend trip with the Bombay Fly Guys always gives many laughs and sometimes a hangover. This trip did not disappoint and any way. We were 14 fly fishermen and it was my first visit to Barsø, which as a small Island app. one mile² in the Southern part of Denmark. We had rented a nice house with plenty of room and only 100 feet from the water.

2014-10-03 16.43.50all around the Island it looked like a hot spot for sea run Brown trout.


2014-10-03 18.23.04

The first afternoon I got 6 fish but they were all like this – too small and the rest of the Guys did not do any better.


2014-10-04 08.15.49

The second day I got 4 and one was actually big enough to kill (42 cm) but it was released. The bigger trouts were all coloured maybe due to the upcoming spawning but maybe it is like in Mariager Fjord were the sea run brown trout most of the year looks like a regular brown trout.


2014-10-04 15.19.35Henrik got this nice 52 cm fish on a new fly created by Ove Monrad. It only took 5 minutes from he tied on this fly until he landed the fish.


10665111_975961365751186_8649713261932657566_nDespite most of the fish were small we lost some nice fish and here Allan presents a nice fish. All in all a good trip and I would like to come back and give it another try and then we hope the wind will be kinder to us next time.


Moesgaard 29/9 – 2014

Michael called and we took a short trip wadefishing at Moesgaard. I haven´t fished here for a while but as both Michael and I have caught some big fish here we will always come back now and then despite that it can be crowded.

2014-09-29 17.54.27

We started out at 17.30 and Michael hooked a fish in his second or third cast

2014-09-29 17.55.11

It was a 45 cm sea trout in nice form

2014-09-29 18.10.38

15 minutes later he repeated the stunt and got another one a little bit smaller


2014-09-29 18.48.35

Later we fished together and Michael saw a fish at the surface and just after I hooked a fish. It turned out to be a pollack that was released. Normally we only get really small pollacks in the 15-25 cm range but this was app. 40 cm. If we can catch them when they have added another 10 cm they will be good fun on light tackle and also good for eating.

In the end I also got a trout but too small but all in all a fine trip with some action. We met some other fishermen but they have had no luck so we should no complain.



Mariager Fjord, 13/9-2014


Bombayfly arranged the first big and open fly only fishing contest in Denmark in Mariager Fjord.

Mariager Fjord is normally fantastic for such an event as it is a long and narrow fjord here you no matter how the Wind is always can find places to fly fish. Unfortunately this year the summer has been very hot and long and as the fjord is long and narrow the water is quite stationary and it is exposed to lack of oxygen and too many algeas.

The last week before the contest reports told that the fishing had been good even in the inner part of the fjord so our hopes were high for the day.

As part of the arranging commitee I only fished in the morning but without any luck. I did see fish jump but got nothing.

2014-09-13 16.53.10

Here a view from the weight in. More than 100 fly Fishers participated and everyone I talked to liked the arrangement so I am sure that we will have another go next year.


2014-09-13 16.53.30As we had a minimum size for the contest on 45 cm some fish were rejected – they were nice fish but just a bit too small for this contest. Here is presented the 6 trouts that made it to the prices. Up to 1,6 kg. Fish number 2, 3 and 4 all weighted exactly the same 1,28 kg – we did not see that come.



Here all winners presenting their fish and their prices.


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