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Bredningen 22/3 – 2015

A trip to Randers with the Bombay Guys after pike a week before the protection period starts. It was cold in the morning – actually the puddles of water were frozen when we started out in the morning. Not much happened when we started but after a couple of hours some of the guys found a spot where fish would take the flies.

2015-03-22 12.05.33

The pikes were not that big, here Jesper presents a typically pike of the morning.


2015-03-22 12.13.54

Michael later got a better fish – he was smoking hot today – at least according to himself :-)


2015-03-22 14.12.47

After lunch Carsten had his first fish and it turned out to be the fish of the day.


2015-03-22 14.14.41

A very well conditioned female that soon will spawn – this was a new personal best for Carsten so he was very content.

I managed to loose the only fish that grabbed my fly so not much to brag about today for me.




Mols 14/3 – 2015

An afternoon trip in the pontoon boat at Mols Hoved. The Wind came from North East and that resulted in a very unpredictable Wind behind the Cliffs. This was a day with many trouts following the fly and sometimes hitting the fly but only a few that actually was hooked.


2015-03-14 14.07.44

I got three trouts all app. the minimum size and all released. The were other fly-fisher and they also got fish some of them big enough to take home but no big fish


2015-03-14 15.29.44

The best fish this day was caught by Anders. He saw activity at the surface 6-7 meters from the Beach while having a break and grabbed this opportunity to get this app. 2 kg fish plus a smaller one hidden behind the big one.


Djursland 28/2 – 2015

Wade fishing with Frank from the coasts of Djursland that was the topic of the day. We started out in the morning in clouded weather and from the ice on the puddles we could see that the temperature had been below zero degrees during the night, and it was quite chilly today. After an hour I had a nice take but it did not last long but after the fish had unhooked itself it showed at the surface and I could see an OK fish in good condition. Beside this I nor Frank did not see or feel anything.

We tried another spot and Frank showed me a stretch of coast that looked fantastic today with the optimum amount of transparency and waves and lots of rocks and weed with spots of sand.  The Wind came from SW and that suited my left hand casting very well. Here I really believed it would be possible to catch a fish. After 1½ hour I had not felt anything and we took a lunch break. After the break I wanted to try the stretch Again but this time my hands were so Cold that I almost could not hold the rod during the casting. Actually I was about to stop when a good fish took the fly and it was easy to land on the Beach with the waves helping in the end.

2015-02-28 16.26.51

It was a very nice  2 kg trout and that made my day and we stopped immediately after and now I am looking forward to sushi with my japanese friend.



Rügen, 20-21/2 – 2015

I joined the Bombay Guys on a trip to Rügen as I due to my shoulder surgery a month ago was quite hungry for some fishing. We should fish for pike in pontoon boats or from small boats. I joined the Group that flyfished from pontoon boats.

We fished in a bay with shallow Water and the first day was very windy so we really had to put a lot of energy into the fins just to stay still. The pikes was near the bottom and we all got fish (around 10 pikes each) but the size was not impressive.

2015-02-20 13.43.40Here Leif is ready to land a pike


2015-02-20 13.44.26

Leif presenting a small pike


2015-02-20 14.03.33This was the best pike I saw on the trip a 90 cm fish that Nikolai caught


2015-02-20 18.32.23Nikolai had to pay the Price for fishing pike as he bleeded on of the days most of the day.

The next day it was calmer but the fishing was like to first day. We got each app. 10 fish but only smaller fish. It was nice to get some fresh air, some fish and many laughs so I was content with the trip.




Lovns Bredning, 30/11 – 2014

A trip to Lovns Bredning with the Bombay guys wadefishing for sea trout. We started out at Virksund but our local guides Michael and Frank were not optimistic as the water was extremely low – actually 50 cm below normal and they claimed that the spots we were going to fish at were best at 10-20 cm above normal level. They both claimed that they have never seen the water this low. The reason was the wind that has been East  and South for a couple of weeks. The wind from East also means that the temperature was low – just above the freezing point.

Michael showed that he was the local man as he landed this trout just below the minimum size limit quite soon. I lost a similar fish soon after and then felt nothing more. The cold weather made our car stop efter a couple of hours while the others continued but when we left no legal fish had been landed.


2014-11-30 12.32.02

Bølling sø 2/11 – 2014

My first trip to Bølling sø, which is an app. 8 year old lake that was created by stopping the draining af the area. Therefore we fish where there used to be trees and bushes. The Water is coloured by the peat so flash is the obvious choice for the flies.

2014-11-02 12.49.51

Many trees still shows but there are a lot of trees that is jus below the surface so it is unavoidable to hook a tree once in a while.


2014-11-02 14.05.52

I lost many pikes this day but still managed to get 10 pikes in the hand. They were quite small most of them, The largest was 4-5 Pound but they will grow and I will come back another time



Glenstrup sø, 26/10 – 2014

Lars  and Henrik had arranged a pontoon boat demonstration with the Sport Fisher girls at Glenstrup sø and this naturally included pike fishing. Unfortunately the wind was very strong which did not make things easy for the rookies in the pontoon boats. Despite the difficulties the spirit was high and everyone gave it a shot. I was testing my new pike rod – a Sage Pike – with two Rio pike lines in floating and sinking versions. 2014-10-26 12.59.23 The test went fine except that I only got the chance to fight a fish once as this 4 Pound pike showed mercy and grabbed my fly. Only two pikes were caught among 11 fishermen so it was a very slow day. The highlight of the day for me was when we saw two sea eagles being harassed by crows. Two sea eagles together is a first for me in Denmark


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