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Cape Cod week 24 – 2015

A quick report from our trip as I have loads of work to do at the moment.

For the fifth time I fished Cape Cod and this time it was with Thomas, Peter, Carsten and Caspar. After a very tiresome road trip from New York Friday afternoon we made it to our rented house and next morning everyone were eager to get started. The first morning we met our companions from last year and they could tell that the fishing had been quite slow and this morning proved this as we only got a few small fish.


2015-06-06 21.47.59

In the afternoon we tried another spot and that was a good idea. When we arrived we could see many fishermen and as soon as we entered the beach we could see people hooked up. There was a guy with a Linekurv and he got this nice bluefish just as we arrived. It was Christian from Haarby, Denmark and he could tell that they had been pulling bluefish in most of the day. He also told that surface flies and wireleader was a must.

We had a problem as we only had a few surface flies and almost no wireleader but that just intensified everything when you know that at any time you can be cut off.

2015-06-06 22.14.15

I started with a regular flatwing fly and got soon into a bluefish

2015-06-06 22.15.45

I managed to land it without wireleader and we took one for the pan. The bluefish were all around the 27 inch mark and they jumped and gave a very intense fight


2015-06-06 23.45.49

All in our Group got fish  and we were all excited over this fantastic fishing, here Peter presents one of his four bluefish.

2015-06-06 23.39.19

here are the rest of the team casting for bluefish. I had to stop early as my shoulder did not like all this casting with the right arm.

I got a surface fly from Caspar and retrieving this fast and just wait for it to be attacked in a vicious manner is very addictive. The seventh bluefish that I hooked on the surface fly bit my leader and then it had to go back to a flatwing.

There were many fishermen casting BIG surface plugs very far out and they got up to 20 fish per hour so it was wild and something we all would love to try again.


2015-06-08 15.59.41

The next day we tried at Brewsters flat. As you may see we were not the only ones that got that idea.


2015-06-08 15.48.08

The fishing was a bit slow but like last year I met Laura and Danilo from Italy and Danilo got this keeper so he was very content.


2015-06-10 15.30.41

The third day the weather was nice and we went kayacking with Scott and Tom. Here we have the chance of sight fishing on the sand bars.



On one of the first bars I spotted a good fish in less than 2 feet of water and was lucky to get it. It was a 32 inch fish and our first keeper this year so I was very happy. 30 minutes later I had a similar sized fish that came off after a couple of minutes but that could not spoil my day.


2015-06-10 19.52.18

Two days later we went kayacking again with Scott and Tom and things repeated itself more or less as I got this 30 inch keeper and lost a bigger one 10 minutes later. Again after fighting it for a couple of minutes


2015-06-10 20.50.50

This fish we kept as we every year like to make one striper meal. This year it was pan fried fillets with new potatoes, sweet corn on the cob, aspargus and homemade Hollandaise sauce.

For the first time were we able to go on a third kayack trip and this time Bruce also joined us. Bruce has a good track record as we almost allways have the best fishing when he joins the Group.


2015-06-12 22.43.48

this year only added to his record as Thomas got into a very serious fish.


2015-06-12 22.45.13

After a long fight Thomas got it into shallow Water and we could see that it was a big fish


2015-06-12 22.47.33

And finally Thomas could present a new personal best with this fantastc 38 inch striper.

To sum things up we had a terrific trip despite the number of fish were less than normally. We had a fantastic bluefish adventure and three days with fantastic sight fishing and we got four keepers and lost three after long fights. And furthermore it is allways good to come and visit our American friends so I hope we can come back another time.












Enebærodde 22-24/5 – 2015

Fishing with 11 of the Bombay Guys at Enebærodde for a couple of days. The majority brought pontoon boats but several were wadefishing. We are here seven km from public roads but this is a spectacular place so we saw quite a lot of fishermen that had biked all the way out to the old light house where we stay.   2015-05-22 14.07.11The first afternoon I went for the outer coast and that was a good choice. I started out with this – probably the smallest trout I have ever caught in saltwater.   2015-05-22 14.52.44Later this afternoon I got six trout above the legal size. It was not big fish but nice fish with a couple at the 45 cm marks as the best.   2015-05-22 16.03.02 This time of the year it is hard not to get any garfish and I also got a couple.   2015-05-23 09.18.39 The next day the Wind picked up and we all had to fish on the inside of the peninsula. Here e small break with a lineup of pontoon boats.   2015-05-23 21.52.12 In the evening the Wind speed lowered and I went back to the outer coast and after the sun set the fishing started to improve.   2015-05-23 22.30.14I got this 53 cm trout but the photos were very shaky so they did not do justice for this very nice fish. I think that we as a group got around 25 trouts above the legal size and 3 above 50 cm so not terrific fishing but OK and then we had a lot of laughs and beer so a very enjoyable trip to a beautiful spot.

Djursland 8/5 – 2015

A trip with the Bombayfly guys to Djursland. I started out earlier than the rest and I wanted to fish from the pontoon boat as the Wind would come from North West and I had to cast with my left arm. I started early and soon I saw garfish at the surface.

2015-05-10 08.20.28

I also soon got the first garfish


2015-05-10 08.24.00

Later I had a pollack that jumped out of the water when I lifted the fly out of the Water. I did take the fly immediately after. It was small but good fun.

After the pollack I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder so I thought that I would stop but I tried with my bad right arm and if I casted without ambitions it was OK, actually better than expected so maybe I can come back to my normal casting arm Again.


2015-05-10 08.43.41

I also got this nice searun Brown trout (52-53 cm) that showed off with many nice jumps.

2015-05-10 08.44.01It really nailed that fly – a sort of tan shrimp pattern.


2015-05-10 11.33.22Later I got one two more trouts and I kept one more. It is nice when you can return with a catch like this. So a good day with seals, porpoises and three trouts, 3 garfish and a pollack – that must qualify as a Djursland grand slam ;-)


Udbyhøj 3/5 – 2015

an afternoon trip in the pontoon boat alone. This time I met Thomas so not completely alone. It was much more windy than anticipated so I had work hard with the fins. A long time went before I had any contact though I did see garfish at the surface but it was a quiet day at the office. 2015-05-03 13.40.08 One of the garfish of the day. I got four garfish and three trouts. I released all the fish as the trouts were just the legal size.

Bølling Sø 1/5 – 2015

The opening day of the new pike season was spent on Bølling Sø in the pontoon boat. I was alone but did not lack Company as first met Henrik and Kasper and later Klaus and Steen whom I all have fished with before. Soon after I started I got three pikes but all small ones and then I had a long period without any action at all. Then I met Steen and Klaus and got another one and the we met just to chat about the fishing. While we chatted Klaus had his flash fly in the Water Next to his pontoon and after five minutes his rod suddenly bended. A pike had taken the fly while it was motionless in the Water.

2015-05-01 12.25.09

So it was easy just roll in the line a the fight could begin

2015-05-01 12.25.51The only waves were from the pike


2015-05-01 12.26.47and finally Klaus can present a nice app. 8 lb. pike that was the biggest pike of the day.


2015-05-01 13.36.45

I got ten pikes and a perch. A 13 inch perch that grabbed my 8 inch flash fly. All the pikes and the perch were released and the only bigger fish I had today got tangled in som branches from a tree which there are a lot of in this lake.


Udbyhøj 26/4 – 2015

An early morning trip with Peter, 2 x Henrik, Lars and Brian all in pontoon boats. In the outgoing current and light Wind we tried several spots but without a lot of luck. We did catch fish but only smaller ones.


2015-04-26 11.47.50

It was not until the Water started to rise that Henrik got some good action. First he got a nice app. 52 cm trout and then this one took the fly.


2015-04-26 11.48.02

and after a secure landing..



2015-04-26 11.48.45

Henrik can present two very nice fish the second a bit larger than the first one.

I got 10 trouts and two garfish today but only smaller fish. Lars only got one trout but that was a good so he was content.



Udbyhøj 24/4 – 2015

Fishing alone in pontoon boat at Udbyhøj. Actually not quite alone as there is a big competition in the area so I could see 8 other fishermen when I started out. It rained when I started but that soon stopped and then it was dry with some sun and not much wind and an outgoing current.

I quickly got the first trout that was a bit below legal size and the I had fish that hit the fly but were not hooked.

2015-04-24 17.10.42

I soon discovered why. It was the first garfish of the year and a decent one. Like everything else this day it was released.

2015-04-24 17.56.13

I also got this trout that was big enough to keep though not by much but in was extremely well conditioned or almost fat. It literally jumped into to boat after a series of jumps.

I ended up with 8 trouts and a garfish. Half of the trouts were legal size but it was all smaller fish. An entertaining day at the fjord.


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