As a kitchen table

Once in the most northern part af Sweden we wanted sashimi (slices of raw fish served with soya and wasabi – sushi without rice) so I needed to fillet a brown trout. As we went there by helicopter we were on strict limitations regarding weight, so we did not bring any table. The was turned upside down and I could fillet the trout. It was not the best table in the world but it was the best available. By the way everybody loved the sashimi 🙂

As a chair

When you need a rest the will serve as a low chair so you avoid getting sand or pebbles on your expensive waders.

Lasse Elmgren 14 pound pike


Gudenå og Tange sø 28/9-08

28th of September

Drifting downstream Gudenå in pontoon boats fly fishing for pikes. We all caught pike on the fly and Lasse got the largest a 14 pound-er, which he hand landed without any problems even he did not feel too comfortable with the special gill grip for pikes. We all used some kind of variation of  big flash streamers. Very windy day that forced us to use a lot of muscle power to reach our destination in Tange lake. The water of the lake was surprisingly clear without the the usual algae colour.


Lars with a 7 pound pike.



Lasse fighting a good sized pike


Lasse with the 14 pound pike.

Morten caught a very strange looking pike with no upper jaw. Apparentky it had lived like that for a long time – and it still does.

Michael Hedensted sea trout 2,5 kg


Lars Matthiessen sea trout 2kg

Lasse Elmgren sea trout 3 kg 67 cm