Randers Fjord 22/9-08

saturday 20´th of september

A trip with Henrik and Lasse in pontoon boats for sea trout. We started in Udbyhoej with the ingoing current and came back 6 hours later. The first couple of hours I missed a couple of nice fish, but things started to happen after lunch. Many trouts gripped the fly but most were too small. I did in very shallow water get a nice 5 pounder (second day – I am good (read lucky)) and Lasse also got a similar sized fish. My trout was coloured so I released so I did not get any photo. Later I got a two pounder plus app. 15 trouts that were too small.

A nice two pound trout


Lasse with a 57 cm seatrout


Kysing Næs 20/9-08

Friday 19´th of september.

A late afternoon trip to Kysing Næs in the pontoon boat. I had barely started fishing over the reef with a heavy northern current before I caught a sea trout below the minimum size and only 15 minutes later I got a nice 5 pound-er. Then more fishers arrived. They fished from the shore and from boats. To my knowledge they did not have any luck and I am pretty sure that my luck was to be the first on the spot. Later I met Michael fishing from a belly boat. We did see a few trout jumping but we had no contact. We saw a seal og 3 porpoises only 10 meters away from the pontoon boat – always a nice experience.