Flycasting against the wind or without wind










The circumstances under which you are casting may change many times during a fishing day due to changes in wind direction, surroundings and many other variables. Some times you feel you are fly casting like a God and other times nothing works.
Especially when  casting with no wind or against the wind many fly casters find it very difficult to perform like normally. When you are casting into the wind, you have a very good explanation for the short casts and the collapsed leader, but in the no wind situation it may hard to accept the bad casting.
A tip to improve your casting under these hard conditions is to lay part of the running line outside the stripping basket as this will increase the drag from the running line during the casting. This will naturally decrease the distance but it will also make it easier to keep a very tight casting loop and to deliver the fly with a nicely stretched leader. The amount of line outside the basket may be varied depending on the amount of wind etc.
This is illustrated in the photo below.
Another very important casting tip in situations with no wind or a head wind is to focus very much on the casting technique instead of using more power.  




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