Fuglsø 31/10-08

An afternoon trip with Michael after sea trout. The sun was showing but now you start feeling the winter coming. We started at Kobberhage but the water was very murky so soon we moved to Fuglsø where the conditions were fine. Fished for 3 hours where I had two strikes and I landed one 43 cm sea trout, which was released. I also saw one trout jump out of the water but that was naturally while I was changing the fly so I could not cast for it right away. Michael lost one trout and there were many porpoises in the bay, and that is always nice to see.


Fjellerup strand 24/10-08

An afternoon trip with Michael and Frank to Fjellerup Strand looking for sea trout. It was quite windy and Fjellerup was chosen to facilitate the casting – and it was really possible to make nice long casts. Low water when we started and high when we ended. Michael got a nice fish around 50 cm plus one below the required minimum size.  Both were taken on a grey fly.

I did not see or feel anything until sunset, then I lost a fish  that kept jumping in my direction so I could not keep the tension in the line and just before we stopped I had a really good take, but only had contact for 5 seconds.

As a wind shield

On my summer trip to the most northern part of Sweden one day the cook had problems with the wind when smoking some of the freshly caught grayling. Without my knowledge the stripping basket was in use as a wind shield on later it served this purpose several times.

Martin Hagen, Norway seatrout 2,45 kg


Position of the stripping basket

Most fly fishers prefer to position the stripping basket on the front but some find it more convenient to position the basket to side of the line hand. Here the rule is: do as you feel comfortable with. It depends on your double haul, your way of stripping the line etc. Here is shown a side position.