Bornholm 9.-12/4-09

Due to the weather forecast a pontoon boat trip to Sweden was exchanged to a wading trip to Bornholm. This was not bad even if the weather was much better than predicted – app. 10 degrees warmer and with much less wind. Michael and I joined BLF on their Eastern trip to the sunshine island and in contrast to last year it lived up to its name this time.


Bornholm has many coasts with cliffs and the first day we visited one of these on the eastern part of the island. It was hard work to climb the cliffs but Michael and I had a terrific morning hunting sea trouts between the cliffs. With these cliffs I think it is close to impossible to fly fish here without a stripping basket but most people also used one.


The first day I fished with a propel in front of the fly and it worked as you can see, but Michael did fine without so still no conclusion on this subject.


Most large sea trout are kelts this time of the year in Bornholm. This is very close of not being a kelt but it still need some extra feeding time though not much so it was released after the session despite a really nice colour and very loose scales.


Michael got this very nice looking fish with brown autumn colours – normally kelt’s are black or grey.


This was the only fished that we did not release because we wanted to serve some sashimi for the guys from BLF


Sashimi bornholm style- extremely delicious


Michael fights a sea trout.


Presents it for the photographer


and releases it.

We fished for four days and Michael and I got app. 30 sea trouts. Half of the fish were kelts in the 60-70 cm range and the other half were blank fish around the minimum size. We lost a number of fish but did not see much activity in the water. Due to the number and size of fish, the beautyful weather and a really nice rented house did we have a terrific trip even if it was not what we intended at first.


One evening when walking back we saw a spinning fisherman fighting a fish. He managed after several attempts to net it and he brought it to the beach. As he seemed to keep the fish we wanted to see it. It was Günter Kirscht from Germany on his first day on Bornholm and as you may see on the bad photo he had landed a beautyful fish. This is why we go to Bornholm and what we hope for. A 11 pounder (5,2 kg 74 cm) in perfect condition, we could only congratulate him and envy him.


Stenrevet 4/4-09

The sun was shining from a blue sky and the spring had arrived. Michael and I decided to fly fish for sea trout and we both wanted to go to a specific spot, BUT Michael knew that this spot had been fished intensely all day so we decided to go to Stenrevet in Randers Fjord instead. That was a very bad decision as the weather was fantastic all the way up there except for the last two miles when it turned foggy. When we arrived we could see the sun through the fog but not for long. We fished in winter condition and at the same time we knew that in Århus there was a blue sky and 10 degrees higher temperature. The current was extremely stron and we were very happy to be able to control the running line with our stripping baskets.

Michael caught a 47 cm sea trout but apart from that nothing happened so we drove home after 3 hours of fishing.