Tange sø – Gudenåen 3/5-09

A pontoon boat trip with Henrik, Thomas and John.  We started very early in the morning at  4 AM looking for white fish taking mosquitos on Tange Sø, actually I started even earlier as I made a mistake and come one hour too early – very bad timing. For the first time ever there were almost no mosquitos and then there were no fish at the surface. So a beautiful sunrise at the lake but I never wet my line.


After breakfast we headed for Kongensbro to drift to Tange sø in our pontoon boats while fishing for pikes.  We started quite slow but after a break the pikes showed interest in our big flash flies. Thomas had many takes but had problems hooking the fish. This may be related to his choice of rod. He used a #4 TCR!


Thomas finally hooked a fish and the rod was in for some hard work.




Finally Thomas can present his first pike on a #4 rod, a pike in the 7 pounds range.


On the way back Thomas dragged the fly behind the boat and in this way he got two pikes. The last one was 18-20 pounds but we never got the final photo as the leader broke while handling the fish. In this trolling fishing we are convinced that the use of discs in front of the fly is is very important.


Henrik with a 17 pounds pike his best out of 7 pikes for the day.


3 Responses

  1. Nice read and a great set of images.Just had a fantastic weekends pike fly-fishing myself here in Vaasa on the baltic. If you like pike on the fly stop by my blog its dedicated solely to the sport.

  2. Hello Simon,
    thanks for your kind word.
    I checked out your blog, and I will definately visit that on a regular basis and inspired by the video on your site I will look into surface flies on a future trip. They are not the most efficient but without any doubt the most entertaining.

  3. Hyggelig tur – super med lidt geddefiskeri!

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