Lushage 30/5-09

On a overnight stay pontoon boat trip with Henrik, Lasse, Bjarne, Claus and Claus to Lushage. We started from a heavy crowded beach at Sletterhage in beautiful sunny weather. After a first leg against the current and the wind we could put our gear on the beach at Lushage. While we started the fire and had our dinner a big trout was seen jumping just were we intended to fish so expectations were high. Unfortunately that was what we did see to the trouts even if we fished late in the evening and very early in the morning.


There were an extreme amount of garfish hitting the fly but not many got hooked.


We also caught many cod but in baby size though this is positive as it has been years since I have seen these at the coast.


Finally I was the only one getting Lesser Weevers why I do not know, but I got 6 all together. Too small to eat and I had my plier so no problem to unhook them safely. So we were in contact with many fish and many species but not the ones we hoped for.


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  1. Utroligt smukke farver disse fjæsinge har! Tak for sidst!

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