Stavrehoved 13/6-09

A night trip wade fishing on the eastern coast of Fyn with Thomas. This was my first visit to this spot and it was very nice. We saw many deers, hares, a fox and many porpoises, and the bottom is filled with big rocks – good for sea trout but bad for wading. We started at 23.00 and fished until 02.00. The we had a break an hour an continued until 8.00 with several breaks. We heard several fish splashing in the water but too far away the first hours and actually we also had two within casting range – you know 50 meter 😉


At 01.40 I got this small but well conditioned trout (43 cm – 975 gram). It really gave a terrific fight for its size. I think this was my first sea trout caught at night. I used a luminous pearl in front of the fly, I have done that before without any success so I will not jump to any conclusions from this.


The sunrise was beautiful but without any sleep in the night it can be difficult to appreciate it. Thomas litterally fell asleep in the midlle of a sentence – and he did it several times.


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