Hirtshals 27/6-2009

An overnight trip in pontoon boats with Henrik, Bjarne and Klaus at Hirtshals. As this is in the North sea, the weather conditions are crucial. We needed wind from east for several days and we got it. We were going for sea bass which to all of us is a first – some had caught sea bass before but only as a lucky punch while fishing for sea trout.


We started at noon and after a few hours Klaus got his first ever and the first on this trip – a fish just above the minimum size (38 cm).


After a pizza break we went for the evening fishing which is supposed to be the peak time. We did not see any sea bass hunting but despite many garfish interrupting we landed two bass. I got what turned out to be the largest bass on the trip a 47 cm fish.


We had a fantastic sunset and saw 3 sea trouts jump out of the water all very good sized but no one made any contact with them.


Bjarne landed this nice flounder which grabbed his minnow imitation!

In the mourning Henrik got two more basses – one around 40 cm and one too small. We also got some greater weevers at good sizes and more garfish. The trip was a succes as we got what we came for and some more, but we would like to come back another time and maybe cast to junting sea bass – that could be great fun


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  1. Tak for sidst. Er klar til endnu et sats efter uge 28!

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