Hirtshals 6/8-2009

A pontoon boat trip with Henrik and Bjarne to Hirtshals. We started late afternoon but we were not happy with the transparency of the water, which was very milky near the coast and further out the visibility was between 1 meter to 1½ meter. This resulted in fishing without any hint of the structures on the bottom, which I think makes it less interesting. We did not feel or see anything in the afternoon but we had another go after a pizza and a beer.

In the evening things were more or less the same but Henrik managed to get two sea bass within five minutes but both were release as they were too small. Just after a beautiful sunset Henrik caught a nice sea bass on his white fly but that was it for the evening.


The next morning we fished from 1 hour before dawn until 8 AM but except for a very small coal fish we had no success. Henrik was the sea bass king of the trip and Bjarne and I had a lot of fresh air 😉