Udbyhøj 2/9-2009

Two evening trips wadefishing with Michael without much success in terms of caught sea trout but we got fresh air and experienced some interesting things naturwise.  On the first trip Michael got one garfish and a trot that was too small. Later after sunset I saw three very good sized trouts but I did not managed to get any. When we ate oursandwiches at the beach we heard splashing in the the water. We naturally looked for an explanation and found a porpoise hunting sea trout in app. 50 cm deep water. The porpoise moved around very aggressively while a sea trout literally jumped out of the water to save its life. It soon ended and I did not get a photo. We have never seen this before and we thought this was the danish version of killer whales grabbing sea lions from the beach as seen on Discovery channel 😉

The next trip were also fishless apart from garfish but this time the weeds at the shore were filled with ladybirds. They were sitting on every straw in crowds. A guesstimating would say there were hundreds of thousands. We have never seen that many ladybirds in such a limited space, very impressive.




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