Æbelø, 19/9 2009

a pontoon trip with the Bombayfly guys to Æbelø. It was my first trip to this little island north of Fyn with a reputation for fantastic sea trout fishing at times. Unfortunately this was not one of the times though we had decent fishing but we certainly had a memorable trip.












Due to very low water we had to drag the pontoon boats for the first mile. For Søren this resulted in a pontoon with a 1 meter long slit in the outer sleeve so Søren had to use rope to keep the bladder in place. As seen this resulted in a rolled point look. 


Later Michael had a major break down as the frame on his pontoon boat without any warning collapsed and he went into deep water. He did not panic and Søren could help him ashore. Everything was wet including his new expensive digital reflex camera. The broken frame was taken to a marina by some boat fishermen and Michael continued the trip wade fishing in high spirit. Søren now took the opportunity to exchange his pontoons with Michaels but for some reason he still wanted to use one of his own pontoons. This made his pontoon boat look like something a cuban boat refugee would use to seek asylum in the states.

Besides from these bumps on the road we actually managed to fish and we did catch some sea trouts though not in big numbers and sizes. In the morning and during midday we got app. 10 sea trout – half of them were too small and the rest up to 45 cm. As we wanted to stay overnight everything was released and then we hoped for a fish in the evening for the barbecue.




Søren with the best fish on the trip –  a 59 cm sea trout. It was caught in the late afternoon when the tide was changing and apparently bigger fish came in.


We did se several seals and porpoises and it looked very nice at sunset.



Lasse brought a 49 cm fish and with Sørens fish there were plenty of food for a late night snack from the barbecue.

The next morning I woke up to a pontoon without much air so I had to wade fish in the very calm morning, which only produced a few small fish. After breakfast I managed to fix the hole and I could row back together with the group. We had some very nice days here even if the fishing was not at its best but the surroundings were beautiful and we had many problems and even more laughs so as Schwarzenegger says ” I´ll be back”


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