Oysters and mussels collecting

Lasse Elmgren has sent these photos on how make a slow fishing day productive. He collected a basket full of mussels and oysters in his stripping basket and made a foundation for a gourmet meal.

Lasse Elmgren 27

Lasse Elmgren 29


Gudenåen, 8/11-2009

After a long time – actually too long time – with work and vacation, I finally got away for a fishing trip. Lasse and I planned to drift down Gudenåen while fly fishing for pikes. The weather was fine for this time of the year but this was a new part of the river and I was a bit reluctant about our chances as the current was quite strong. Such strong current is normally not the best choice for pikes. We had to take a lunch break untill something happened. Lasse got a pike that even if it was app. 6 pounds really pulled very hard. Later I caught a pike of similar size but then we had also gone into calmer water.




Then we arrived at a very calm part of the river and here we soon caught a few more pikes, but they were quite small. One of the pontoon on my boat was leaking and at this point I looked  like a boat refugee that would not make it, so in the end even if the river looked very good we stopped fishing and Lasse towed me to our final destination