Gudenåen, 12/12-2009

A drift trip in the pontoon boats with Thomas for pike. I started with a hole in one of the pontoons even I had repaired it since last trip and controlled everything during 12 hours. I was able to repair it on site so everything was fine and for this time of the year the weather was actually quite nice.

We fished very intense for two hours and got one small pike each. Not much action but after a break we were ready for the best part of the fishing. The normally best part because absolutely nothing happened untill I got a roach. It was a big one around 3 lbs. but it was caught in the dorsal fin. At first I thought it was a nice pike but I soon found out that it was not hooked in the mouth.

After this I could hear a puncture in my pontoon and we had to enter a small island to repair this hole in the blatter. It was a new hole and it took 3 trys to fix it. I definitely need a new pontoon boat.


Stenrevet, 29/11-2009

An afternoon trip with Thomas wadefishing at Stenrevet in Randers Fjord. The weather was bad, really bad – constant rain all day and to top it we did not see, feel or catch anything. It probably did not help that two seals placed themselves just 20 meter away. After 1½ hour we gave up and moved but that did not improve our luck.