Gudenåen, 21/3-2010

A drifting trip with Henrik, Lars and Jan from Kongensbro to Tange sø. It was quite windy but that did not matter untill we reached the lake where we had to work quite hard to move forward. Lars started with a very good pike at 8,3 kg corresponding to 18 pounds but unfortunately he was too much upstream for me to take a photo.

Later I got a nice 11 pounder which I was very pleased with even if I don´t look pleased.

I was even more satisfied when I hooked and landed an even better fish that really spinned the pontoon boat around. It was a pike on  app. 18 pound.

Here Jan is fighting a pike under supervision of Henrik.

When we had lunch break we all had caught fish and landed some very nice sized fish, and normally the fishing is better after lunch – probably not because of the time but due to place. But today we got fish after lunch but mostly smaller ones and not that many. At the end of the day we had caught 18 pikes all together and as I got 6 and my so for best pike on a fly I was very satisfied.


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