Udbyhøj, 16/4-2010

A short but memorable afternoon trip from Udbyhøj in pontoon boats. From Aarhus I called Henrik to hear if he would join me but when I called him he was just about to put his boat into the water. Therefore I went to Udbyhøj to fish with him. When I was ready I called to hear which way he went and he told that he already had caught two big kelps. 10 minutes after I started fishing I got a very nice looking trout but unfortunately it was just below the minimum size. Later Henrik rowed towards me and I wondered because normally Henrik will fish while moving towards you. The reason was that he wanted a photo of a fish he caught just after our phone call – and what a fish. When Henrik rowed back to the harbour I got a nice 56 cm sea-trout and later I lost a 50 cm just when I should net it, but you will not see any photo of my fish because today there was only one fish worth showing.

 congratulations to Henrik, 80 cm and 6 kg, what a beauty!