Gudenaaen, 8/5-2010

Drifting with Caspar, Jonas and Jan down Gudenaaen for pikes. This was their first trip here, so they were quite excited and despite a bad weather forecast we had a very good trip. The wind was strong og came upstream so for the first time ever we had to use the fins actively just to move downstream. Things started  really slow but after 1½ hour Caspar got the first pike and then we had some good action before our lunch break. After the break both Caspar and Jonas found a good spot and hit some nice fish.

Caspar fighting one of his 10 pikes.

The tail shows sign of the hassles of the spawning

On the way back

Jonas with one of the bigger fish of the day.

After the trip we could count a total number of 23 pikes caught with the biggest around the 11 pound mark. The heaviest fish had not spawned yet but they were a minority.