Mariager Fjord 18/6 2010

An evening trip with Thomas and Jan to yet another spot in Mariager. We arrived a bit late so less than half an hour after we started Jan got a very nice 50 cm trout. He was very pleased as it was a beautiful trout and it had been some since he last succeeded with the trout in the salt water. We fished most of the time more or less into the wind, but as it produced fish it was just an extra challenge and not an annoyance.

Later Thomas got a 45  cm trout and I jumped one.  In the end I saved a bit of reputation by getting a minimum sized fish which was released. We saw several fish jumping but did not have more contact but once again a succesful trip. We have to do it again soon.


Mariager Fjord 15/6 2010

An evening trip with Michael to Mariager Fjord. This time we tried another spot in the Fjord and as we were wadefishing we took the easy way out having the wind in the back. The weather was fantastic – sunny and almost no wind. The fjord presented itself at its best. When the sun start to set things start to happen. We met a fellow Bombay fly guy “Kagemund” who was lure fishing, and he caught and lost some fish.  Michael also lost one fish at close range.

Soon after Kagemund left Michael got this 50 cm trout.

Around sunset several fish showed and some of them at quite shallow water and it was really intense and exciting. I got a nice 52 cm 1750 grams trout and later Michael finished with a trout just above the minimum size. We brought home the two largest fish and as they were evenly distributed we were both very satisfied with the evening.

Mariager Fjord, 12-13/6 2010

Due to strong winds the Æbelø trip was changed into Mariager Fjord Cup. Michael and I joined the rest of the Bombay guys saturday afternoon because the weather friday was very wet and windy. The fishing friday end saturday morning had very good and everyone had caught sea trouts. This is not a rule end furthermore all the fish had been extremely well conditioned – not to say fat.

The fishing early Sunday morning was a bit disappointing but our morning was saved when an otter crossed the beach at very close range.

My first trout in the afternoon close to the minimum size in length but well above in girth.

Mongs first ever sea-trout on the fly – congratulations. Another fat trout.

Like all the other trouts, very well conditioned.

Here you can clearly see that the sea-trout from the fjord is more colourful  than the blanks from the open sea. This one even has some red spots like a brown trout.

A beautiful and very bulky trout. As it was released I did not measure it, but probably app. 5 pounds.

Æbelø 28-30/5-2010

A trip to Æbelø with Michael and Simon searching for good sized sea trout. We went in Michaels inflatable boat pulling my pontoon boat with Michaels belly boat on top – it was quite a fleet.

Æbelø seen from our starting point. We had to pull the boat at first as the water was quite low.

The first evening we fished without much luck as we only got some garfish that were all over the place. 

The next morning I got this 43 cm trout that was released as it was too small as a 3 person meal.

Later same morning Simon got this 1.7 kg trout despite his ugly stripping basket 😉

Typical Æbelø coast with small layered cliffs  and deep water close to the coast and many BIG rocks in the water. It should be the optimum water for sea trout.

Simons trout prepared on our camp fire – it was very good

As you can see on this sunset the weather was fantastic and it was like that all weekend. There was almost no wind in the mornings and in the evenings so we could see if fished showed at the surface but except for garfish it was a bit disappointing the lack of trouts showing. The second evening Simon lost a five pounder at very close range and the last morning Michael worked his way to two fish just above the minimum size. They were both released.

Simon pulling our fleet the last meters back to our starting point.  Despite the not too impressive fishing except for Simons two encounters with good sized trouts we had a fantastic weekend with beautiful weather  and next week we will give it another shot with the Bombay fly guys.