Lushage, 24/7 2010

A pontoon boat trip from Sletterhage to Lushage with Michael, Henrik and Claus. We left Sletterhage in the afternoon and with the help of Claus and his motor we arrived at Lushage ½ hour later. We started to camp with our sleeping bags on the beach but were interrupted as app. 20 sheep entered our camp. They were scared away but then one hour later app. 20 cows entered the beach!

In the night we were disturbed by two foxes, one which did not show a lot of fear as seen on the photos. It chewed on Míchaels backpack and came very close.

We saw a lot of porpoises but apart from the mamals we did not catch or see many fish. Two garfish and two lesser weever was the result. I lost one sea trout in the morning, I had contact for 10 seconds and that was it. The slow fishing was not a big surprise as the water temperature was around 20 degrees.


Oslo, 10/7 2010

Inge wanted to introduce me to some urban fly-fishing.

Fully equipped with breathable waders, fly rod and stripping basket we took the tram to the center of Oslo.

We fished in a stream in a park, so you had to be aware when back casting not to catch pedestrians, bikers and runners. We soon saw fish eating insects from the surface. Inge told that you on regular basis here fish next to drug addicts and dealers – this spices up the experience.

We caught several trouts but as you can see of very moderate size.

Later we went to Vigelandsparken, where bigger fish shows at times. Unfortunately this was not one of the times, but there were many tourists and two weddings so we stood out in the crowd. If you want to talk to strangers this kind of fishing is very efficient just as good as a cute puppy, so if you are shy I can not recommend this type of fishing. It was a first for me and a very entertaining experience.

Hardangervidda, 11/7-16/7 2010

 After the pontoon trip in Alvdal I headed for a trip to Hardangervidda – the high mountains with Inge and Agusta. They had been out for a week and I had to hike 3½ hours before meeting them and as a Dane, my genes are only programmed for walking below 172 meters above sea level, I worried a bit about this.

On the 6 hours drive from Alvdal to Tinnhölen you had to be quite aware as the road was very uphill, downhill, curved or full of sheep.

The track was in most part easy to follow and the landscape was beautiful.

Both my feet had blisters after the initial walk probably due to too thin socks as I used the same boots as yesteryear.

After meeting Inge & Agusta we walked for another 1½ hour to our camp site, here presented by them. Inge wears his characteristic high mountain suit bought at a flea market.

Most of the trout caught was quite small and were fried. Inge texted me on the way begging me to bring meat as they were very tired of fried trout. The beer was bought in a cabin – 70 crowns which is like 12 USD – welcome to Norway 🙂

As were above the tree limit the cooking had to be based on gas. Here Agosta tries to cook behind a shield of rocks and stripping basket as the wind most days were very strong.

One of the better fish we got. This year a fish on 30 cm was considered a big fish. One night I jumped a +2 lb. trout  and that was my only chance of a “trophy” fish this year. The knot to the fly broke, so I can only blame my self.

There were a lot of stone flies hatching here seen next to an artificial streaking caddis on Inges telescopic Banzai rod for fly and worm fishing.

There were also a lot of this to us unknown fly. We only saw it around “our” part af the stream but they were numerous and the fish liked them.

Inge with one of his better trouts.

The last night we managed to find enough wood to make a fire. Good for the ambiance and we could also get rid of our disposal.

Despite a lot of wind and quite a lot of rain we had times with fantastic weather and in the mountains this really can produce nice views like this sunset.

 One night we had a rain storm that lasted more than 12 hours. My new tent and my new sleeping bag stood the test perfectly, but as there was absolutely no reason for getting out of the tent, I stayed in untill noon. With no books and none to talk with and only this view it was BOORING.

We had some cold nights and the days were also quite cold. Here the thermometer on a hut when we came back to the civilized world. The time of day is after noon. No wonder that I thought it was cold when you combine this with 12 m/sec. wind it is not what you hope for when going dry-fly fishing with 4 weight rod.

To summarize we had a trip with two days of nice weather and most days with too much wind. We got a lot of fish but no big ones though we had chances. The company was great and the scenarios were fantastic and the hiking out was tough just like you expect.

Alvdal, 3/7-9/7 2010

a trip to Alvdal i Norway which means dry-fly fishing in Glomma and Folla for grayling and trout. Normally we only catch a few trouts and this year was no exception. This year was my first fishing here from the pontoon boat and I had great expectations for this.

The team at the dinner table.

It had been raining heavily in the days prior to our arrival and Glomma looked like a café latte which made dry-fly fishing impossible. But fortunately Folla became clear several days earlier so we fished Folla the first days.

Folla had some white water parts which was good fun but not all pontoon boats managed this without damages.

A chinese produced pontoon boat with a welding that did not make it.

The first day I got 16 graylings the majority when wadefishing. They are very nice looking fish with the characteristic large dorsal fin.

On our trip down Folla after a long heavy current stretch we entered this canyon with slow current and almost no wind. It was like entering paradise when the sun was shining. To top it two birds of preys were hanging above our heads screaming as they were nesting here.

In the canyon I got this 41 cm trout on a nymph. It was the biggest af the two trout I caught, so the prediction of only few trouts held.

Two nice graylings on 45 cm and 42 cm. I had a considerably bigger fish to take the fly but I did not hook it and never saw it again.

A new personal record. The smallest grayling I have ever caught and it did take the fly properly, estimated length 8 cm.

One evening we had smoked grayling for dinner, a must when you are here.

A view in to Gunnars fly box – he had 8 of these so he had plenty of flies and plenty of problems finding the one he was looking for.

The last night we had some very good fishing in the slow water upstreams the damm, there was almost no wind and many fish feeded from the surface. Here Henning is hooked up.

The last day was perfect with sun and no wind so we went for a long ride down Glomma. Everything was perfect except that I forgot my camera 😦  We were 4 pontoon boats and each of us caught at least 30 fish with the biggest around 50 cm. This was so intense that no one wanted to fish in the night though it was very good conditions – we simply had caught enough for the day.

To sum it up despite the wind and the murky water in Glomma in the beginning we had some good days in Alvdal. I got between 12 and 35 fish a day all (except for one trout) on dry-fly and we had seen beavers and some fantastic sceneries and had a lot of fun. I never got the really big fish but then I have an excuse for coming back.

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