Lushage, 24/7 2010

A pontoon boat trip from Sletterhage to Lushage with Michael, Henrik and Claus. We left Sletterhage in the afternoon and with the help of Claus and his motor we arrived at Lushage ½ hour later. We started to camp with our sleeping bags on the beach but were interrupted as app. 20 sheep entered our camp. They were scared away but then one hour later app. 20 cows entered the beach!

In the night we were disturbed by two foxes, one which did not show a lot of fear as seen on the photos. It chewed on Míchaels backpack and came very close.

We saw a lot of porpoises but apart from the mamals we did not catch or see many fish. Two garfish and two lesser weever was the result. I lost one sea trout in the morning, I had contact for 10 seconds and that was it. The slow fishing was not a big surprise as the water temperature was around 20 degrees.


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