Udbyhøj, 6/8-2010

An early morning trip with Henrik and Claus in our pontoon boats. The recent sea-trout trips have not been productive, but this turned out much better. After five minutes I had a sea-trout on the fly,  it was an OK sized fish but I lost it at close range. Unfortunately this was my story of the day. Every time I had a decent fish I jumped it and often  close range. Henrik did better as he later got a very nice fish around 50 cm and well conditioned.

At first he juggled a bit with the trout

But later he could present it properly

We also got some garfish and some smaller trouts and despite some rain in the morning the weather was very good and we saw a seal and several porpoises jumping more or less out of the water – apparently they thought they were dolphins 😉

After a lunch break the mullets start to show and there were many and big ones as well, but we had no success with the flies. It was very nice to see these big fish moving around but in the end we went for some more sea-trouts. As I jumped another fish in the 45 cm range when I was about to net it I realized this was not my day and I returned home. I have to say that even if I did not bring anything back home it had been a very nice morning despite only 3½ hours of sleep.


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