Æbelø, 20-21/8 2010

The last chance for a weekend trip in a long time as I have business and social events in all weekends the next month.

A weekend trip to Æbelø that due to bad weather forecast ended up a day shorter than expected. The trip was with Michael and as last time we used his small rubber boat with outboard engine to bring us and my pontoon boat to the island.

As always the scenarios here are beautiful even if we had no success at all the first evening. The following morning I and Søren, who joined us late friday evening, both got a too small sea-trout but that was all.

 Our canned lunch was improved with this mushroom found in the forest despite this effort it was not haut cuisine.

In the   got this baby garfish. we saw a lot of them and they attacked the fly many times.

Almost out of nowhere I hooked a really nice trout and after a long tug of war I netted this beautiful trout. 4,2 kg a bit more than 9 lbs. That saved our trip big time.

As we had no cooling options and it was too big for two people to eat, I released the fish. Two hours later we experienced that the weather forecast had changed dramatically so we had to leave the island. It is a nice sight to see a big fish swim away but I would also have loved to serve this for my wife and my friends giving me the opportunity to tell about it one more time.

As we were forced to pack we was several trouts showing at the surface – a sight we had missed badly while we were fishing.


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