Gudenå, 26/9-2010

The first drift trip down Gudenåen for pikes this fall. Henrik, Michael, Jan and Steen joined the trip and Michael and Jan were rookies. We started later than normal around 9.30 but I am confident that this does not matter this time of the year. The first half of the trip in the stream did not produce much and before lunch break I only had contact with this little fellow.

Lunch break and time to tell stories

Shortly after lunch Steen got this pike which was one of the bigger this day and even if it is a nice pike I don´t think I offend him by saying that today we did not catch any of the big ones.  The action was not hot at any time except for when Henrik crossed the lake and then got 6 pikes in 20 casts. At the end of the day despite the slow action we had  caught app. 25 pikes. I got five and for the first time in 10 years I took one home for eating. It was a 6 pounder and it was turned into fish cakes the same day so talk about fresh fish 🙂

The fish cakes were very popular but I must admit the there are a LOT of bones in pikes, so they are not easy to fillet if you don´t want any bones.


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