Glenstrup Sø, 10/10-2010

A pontoon, cayak and small boat trip to Glenstrup Sø for pikes with the Bombay guys.  22 participated in this club trip and to muy knowledge it was a new record. As the club has 40 members you have to admit that the members are more active than in most fishing clubs.

We started in out in the morning with a lot of fog, and we could not see where we fished in the lake. Not much was caught today only Kim did fine before lunch with five pikes.

At lunch time the sun broke through the fog and the rest of the day was beautiful, probably to beautiful as the pikes did follow the fly but were very reluctant to take the fly. The view of more than 15 pontoon boats next to each other is a rare sight in Denmark maybe even a first time.

Molle got this nice white fish on 3 lbs. It was caught on a very big flash fly – you can do the math 😉

At the end Micheal switched to a small perch fly as he could not make the pikes take the big flies and as you can see that was a smart move.

And then he could present this very green pike


Fishing pink salmon on west coast of Canada

Ted Brookman fishing pink salmon on west coast of Canada