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As I due to a car crash (nothing serious happened to the involved and I was not responsible) have been without a car for some time and had several weekends occupied by work and non fishing related matters I have not been fishing for quite some time. And now the weather here in Denmark is so bad that I do not feel very tempted so what do you do? Fish on the internet and here I found some videos on YouTube related to my stripping basket.

The quality is not top-notch but I like to enthusiasm and the pride of the catches when people put their personal videos on the net.





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  1. Hi Lars

    Are you going to Los Roques in January/Feb?

    I would like some info on DIY fishing on the main island plus DIY on the other islands


    • Hi Jason,
      yes, I am going to Los Roques two weeks in february. As I haven´t been out fishing for too long I haven´t been writing on the blog and therfore haven´t seen your comment. Do you have any specific questions, please just ask


      • Hi

        When do you arrive in Los Roques? As I hope I will still be on the island then, it would be great to meet up and may be spend a few days fishing together.

        Please can you give me some info on where I should go on the days I have not booked a guide? Should I stay on the main island or get a boat taxi across to another island?

        I am staying at Posada Guaripete from the 3rd until the 11th, please look me up for a beer!

        many thanks


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