Gudenåen 23/1-2011

A lot of work, a wrecked car and very low temperatures and ice have kept me from fishing in more than 3 months. According to my wife this has never happened before.  But today on a sunny day with temperatures just above zero degrees I went with Søren and Henrik on a drift trip down the lower part of Gudenåen for pikes.  I must be a bit rusty as I forgot my stripping basket and that really was annoying as I many times had my force fins tangled in the line. There was a lot of talking but also a lot of fishing but unfortunately not very productive fishing.

Suddenly Søren yelled that had a salmon or sea trout and that was not a lie.

But as you can see this fish had seen better days. It was a dead trout around 7 pounds.

A bit later I was lucky to hook a fish that actually was alive.

It was a very fat and nicely coloured pike around the 15 pound mark, so this was a very welcomed start on a new season. In app. 2 weeks time I will leave for Los Roques to get some sun, warmth and hopefully some nice bonefish.