Los Roques, february 2011

On a trip to Los Roques in Venezuela we had some interesting fishing. I expect to come with a bigger report but for now a couple of videos.

These videos are all filmed by Caspar but they are unedited so please do not expect too much.

Two videos where we fish for horse eyed jacks feeding on a school of bait fish. In the first video you can see the jacks attacking the bait fish after both Thomas and I are hooked up.



 Here e bonefish is scared but it confused on how to escape between Thomas, the guide and myself. Despite this it takes my fly at very close range.


Flat fishing with our guide Ali. This afternoon the fish were not big but the fishing was still interesting as it took place in shallow water and it was purely sight fishing.


A bonefish caught in slightly deeper water with some under water footage of the release in the end.