Fly show, Kolding 26/3-2011

The fly show in Kolding is a biannual event arranged by FFFD . The event attracts fly fishers from all of Scandinavia and the northern part of Europe. Here you can find  fly fishing books, travel companies aiming for fly fishers, distributors of gear, shops and a lot of other fly fishing related stuff. For me this is a great opportunity to meet people I have fished with during the years. Unfortunately this makes it hard to hear the lectures and see the casters and tiers that I plan to see from back home. Next time I may have to be there two full days.

The indoor casting pool gets a lot of attention as an expert caster makes a show every half hour. Here Mathias Lilleheim from Norway tells about his casting philosophy and show some very good casting.

In the other hall big tables are set up and a large number of top fly tiers show what you can do with feathers, hair and artificial materials to lure the fish or at least impress your fellow fly fishermen. This is a part I next time will focus more on as everyone here is more than willing to share their tricks and secrets and they have many tricks to pull off.

It is easy to powershop in a place like this, but this year I limited myself to two things. One was the new book “Skælsætninger” which is untranslatable to english by Thomas Weiergang and Jakob Sørensen. It is a very beautiful looking book with some very nice stories. The photos and the layout is so nice that I am sure you would appreciate  it even if you do not understand one word of Danish. Here Thomas presents the book. Thomas also made a very nice vignette when signing the book so I love the book even before I have read it.

´The other thing I bought was the DVD “tapâm” about tarpon fishing from a belly boat in Central America. I have only seen the teasers but that was sufficient to persuade me. The dvd is made by Daniel Göz and Jan Bach Kristensen. Above you can see Jan as he tied some very nice tarpon flies at the show.

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