Mariager Fjord, 10/4 2011

After a trip without any luck yesterday at Udbyhøj I tried to copy the success from last week and went alone to Mariager in the pontoon boat. I fished for an hour and saw nothing but then I met Ole from the Bombay Fly club and he told that in the inner part of the fjord four other members from Bombay were fishing and there were lots of fish.  I was then dragged to the inner part of the fjord as Ole was in a small boat with engine and he was correct as trouts showed at the surface on a regular basis but they were not that easy to catch. The four flyfishers had caught app. 10 fish but they were all caught by one person: Allan.

Two members were  wade fishing

and two were fishing from pontoon boats. We were all fishing to the same school of fish and as you can see there was absolutely no wind.

Allan got two fish to keep the rest were below the minimum size here you see one of his keepers. I got three fish but all of them were too small. I had one good fish on the fly but my shooting line broke at the connection to the shooting head, so I lost a shooting head so now a trout is swimming around with my shooting head – not a good situation.


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