Gudenåen 1/5-2011

First day after the closing period for pikes, so I drifted with Caspar and Jan down Gudenåen in our pontoon boats. It was quite windy but also sunny and temperatures were good for this time of the year, so we could not complaint about the conditions,

In the river part  I fished with a copper flash streamer as you can see and I got 3 pikes here before lunch time. The biggest was around 8 lbs, but all were thin as the had spawned recently and several had wounds from the spawning as well.

Jan did not catch or see anything before lunch but soon after he got two in a row. Here he presents his first pike this season. You may be able to see that it had a wound in the back like many of the fish today.

I landed 10 pikes today but no big ones. I had at least just as many hitting the fly. In the lake they today seemed smaller than in the river.  I was once again reminded that fly-fishing for pike is the best way to get a big shock when fishing. Pikes they sometimes appear out of nowhere with incredible speed to grab the fly just in front of you – and that can really make your heart pump.


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