Tange sø, 14/5-2011

A trip to Tange sø in the small boat of Bjerringbro sportfishing club with Jeppe. Jeppe is the son of my colleague and has fished many times in Gudenåen but without luck so I promised to bring him on a pike trip to Tange sø as he had never caught a pike before. we started in the upper part of the lake where I last time saw a couple of fishermen catch a lot of pikes. It was much shallower than I had expected so it was a bit difficult to avoid getting stuck many times. Many fish showed at the surface but I think it was breams getting ready to spawn. I had one fish to hit my fly twice but I did not succeed in getting it to stick on the fly.

Later we went even further up the lake and here I got a nice fish around the 9 pound mark.

As the main purpose was that Jeppe got a pike and is the wind increased in power I grabbed the oars to put Jeppe in a good position as the wind pushed us to the bank all the time. After a while Jeppe had something and it turned out to be something that really could drag line from his reel.

He was quite cool and let the fish drag line when needed so we successfully landed the pike and it was a proud Jeppe that could present his first pike ever – congratulation to him. The pike was then released and we hope that he will catch it again when it has grown even bigger


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