Bredningen, 17/5-2011

An pontoon boat trip for pikes starting late afternoon with Henrik. It was VERY windy so you needed to work hard just to hold your position with the boat. Furthermore the water was very muddy so no visibility – not the optimum conditions for pike fishing.

I had what I expected to be a very good-sized pike on the fly but it turned out to be a bream that was hooked in the dorsal fin. But a 6 pound bream hooked like that can put up a good fight. You may be able to see the spawning warts in the photo.

Later I got this pike and this one is missing the upper part of the tail and had some wounds on the side as well – it can be a hassle to reproduce.

We ended in the channels where the wind did not get to us as much where we both landed a pike, so we both got two pikes and got a lot of fresh air in a short while.


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