Gudenåen, 28+29/5-2011

Saturday drifting from Fladbro to Randers with Henrik and Allan. I forgot my camera, so no photos. I got four pikes and lost several. Among the lost ones a really big one, that went into some weed. My best pike was around 10 pounds and I got two in Nørreåen where I untill this day never have had any success.

Sunday we (six pontoon boats) started at Kongensbro to drift to Ans.

The weather was fantastic in the early morning – sunny and almost no wind. In the river part I did see several fish that took flies from the surface. This really made me long for some dry-fly fishing. This was more or less my sixth pike trip in a row, next time I will go for something different for the variation.

Untill lunch break I only got one 7 pounder and the action was very slow. Actually the action was slow all day and meny of the fish were small like the one Kaspar is presenting here. I ended up getting four and losing four, this weekend I have lost much more that normal but as everything is released it is not that important – I have to say 😉



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