Upprämmen, week 25-2011

Originally we wanted to flyfish in Glomma i Norway for grayling and brown trout but as there had been heavy rain and lots of snow melting there was a flood and it was impossible to fish and plans had to be changed. Instead we went to Dalarne in Sweden where we headed for Upprämmen a lake situated app. 500 meters above sea level. Here we have fished before in this week where you may have some nice dry-fly fishing for trout and arctic char when the Vulgata is hatching.

I picked up Inge in Oslo and Inge and Agosta served a nice dinner with this special Cava. Inge made the decoration with the skin form one of his sea-trouts.

We were 8 fishermen about half of them were fly-fisher and the rest used bombarda, worms and lures. This year we could only rent one boat but that was not a big problem as we had brought 5 pontoon boats and one belly-boat.

The view from the small cabin is like always beautiful.


This is the may fly Vulgata that we hope to hatch while we are here.


Inge in his new pontoon boat with his fins. I have to admit that he controlled the boat well with these fins and he could speed up the pontoon boat in a way I have never seen before.


Preben got this nice trout from the shore the first day with a fly fished on bombarda, so you do need to leave the bank to catch fish.


The first day I got 3 trouts on the classic Rockan dry-fly and I kept this 41 cm trout which later was served as graved.



Waiting in the boat for some action

One day Inge and I went to Veasterdalselven to fish for grayling as Inge had never caught one. We did not have big success as I got only one and Inge still has to catch his first grayling, but he had several fish to hit on the fly and he found out that you need to be quick to hook them.


Flemming one day found some wild orchids near the cabin. I had never seen them here before and they are very beautiful.


Kim with the largest trout on the trip a 3 pound 52 cm fish. It was caught on a wobbler. Actually four of the bigger fish had perch up to 20 cm in their stomach – if you want to be big then eat fish.


Inge has just netted a dry-fly trout from his “new” pontoon boat.


The next generation of seagulls was jumping around on the small islands just outside the cabin.


This is as you may have guessed two tails from trouts fixed for drying. What you may not have guessed is that they are intended for Inges next fishrelated thing: a bow tie


In a pontoon boat you may feel as part of the nature

Inge and I went back to Oslo and fished for one day in Østmarken. We only got some small trouts but the weather was nice and on our way back we saw a couple of beavers unfortunately I did not get any good photos.

To sum up the trip: like many other times we have mixed feelings as we love the lake and the cabin but we were not lucky with the hatching af the may flies. We did get fish and also nice fish but some days were very slow.


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