Æbelø, 8-9/7 2011

I have been on Æbelø with Michael before and sometimes with very good results so I was not hard to talk into another trip to this very beautiful island.

Preparing for the boat trip. The british fleet destroyed the Danish fleet app. 200 years ago but now we are back in business. We are now focusing on inflatable boats: a Creek SUB, an Anderson pontoon boat and the mothership: a rubber boat 😉

The first evening Michael got this 55 cm trout so he was very content.


 Later that night he got a 50 cm trout.


We also got some small cods and several small trouts. I only caught one trout above the minimum size – a 44 cm fish but as we had cooling opportunities everything was released.


When we returned to our camp this little fellow was caught in our gravy from our dinner.


The next morning started with a beautiful dawn.


We met two fellow fishermen in kayaks and they really had something to brag about. This fantastic trout was just above 10 pounds and was caught on a wobbler the night before.


and a closer look.


This morning we wanted a fish for lunch and I got this nice 43 cm trout which was perfect for this purpose.


Here  the same fish after 10 minutes in the fire – maybe not as beautiful as before but way better to eat than canned food. Michael also got a fish just above the minimum size which was released.


In the evening the rain came but we also had some sun so this rainbow which was full but too big for the camera was produced. In the evening I got a nice 60 cm trout but unfortunately I did not get a photo when it was released.


Turning our backs to Æbelø when going home. The last morning I got another nice trout for a dinner for two – a 42 cm trout. So to conclude we got fish above the minimum size every morning and evening and we even got some good-sized fish and more fish below the minimum size and we saw a fantastic trout so our expectations were more or less fulfilled. We will come back later and then we hope that we will get the big one.


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  1. Mange tak for hjælpen med målebånd og vægt til min fantastiske fisk.


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