Skagen, 3/8 2011

Wind from east for some days made the North Sea calm so a trip for sea bass was possible. I was on my own which can be a bit dull but the weather was nice and this was my first and maybe only trip for sea bass this year. I started really bad with sand in the valves to the pontoons which made it impossible to put the correct amount og air into the pontoons and then I also have to deal with this when I return home. furthermore I brought the wrong reel so I started up with #4 floating line on a #6 rod – not a nice combination. Then I had a spare spool with a 150 grain sinking line but the spare spool was for another reel so I had to change the lines on the reel and the spare spool but in the end I could fish.

After ½ hour I hooked this bass so I was very pleased as the mission wa accomplished even if it was a smaller fish.

Later I got two mackerels, both good-sized, so despite the long journey I was content. I also lost a garfish but despite the calm sea I did not se any surface action at all.



2 Responses

  1. Hello Lars
    I just find you web side, when I was looking for a place for seabass in DK. Than I saw some videos ….. we meet at Los Roques last year (I am from Prague). As I remember you say something about changing posada becouse the first one dont have airconditioning. I hope it is you. We was talking when we was looking for feeding tarpon front of the church. Anyway as I can read you get some seabass and I never cougt this fish. Can you recomend me some spots in DK.
    Thnx a lot

    • Hi Ales,
      yes I do remember you from Los Roques, nice to hear from you. I can´t say that I am a very experienced sea bass fisher but I have caught them both at Hirtshals and at Skagen. In Skagen it was from the beach at the end of Buttervej and in Hirtshals we fished at the reefs a bit west of the city outside from the lighthouse.


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