Udbyhøj 24/9 2011

Back in Udbyhøj alone in the pontoon boat. Due to a severe twist of my neck Tuesday evening I have had problems with my right arm both with controlling the muscles and with the strength. So I was afraid that it would harm my flycasting and it definitely did. I could cast but only with difficulty and not far. That is very depressing and I hope that my arm will improve especially when I in 4 weeks head for Cape cod fishing for stripers.

Despite the casting problems I managed to catch 10 trouts this day but only one was big enough to keep.

It was a 44 cm trout in the fall suit.

A couple of times a seal followed me. This is not good for the fishing but a nice experience. In the shallow water many mullets showed but as all my mullet fly had been exposed to salt water the hooks broke easily so I have to tie some new ones.


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