Djursland 15/1 2012

A trip with Thomas, Peter and Niels to Djursland for sea-trout. We started at Kobberhagen where we fished for a couple of hours and the only thing we saw was this curious seal. We stopped when nine more fishermen came to the spot. No one had experienced any luck during the day which I think is typically for a calm, sunny, cold winter day. We then tried an hour in Begtrup Vig with more luck. I got a trout just below the minimum size and Niels got a smaller fish. Here the we fished in a head wind so it soon became too cold. When we drove home we could see ice on the water in the shallow inlets in the inner part of the bay. I definitely prefer to fish in warmer conditions so I look forward to the Los Roques trip in three weeks time 🙂


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