Udbyhøj 28/4 2012

A pontoon trip alone from Udbyhøj. When I arrived I could see 5 other pontoon boats heading into the fjord so I decided to go the other way. I haf plenty of action as trouts took my fly 13 times and 6 of the times I hooked them but every time I lost the fish halfway so I decided to stop as it was not going to be my day. The fish I hooked were all smaller fish up to 45 cm, but I would like to land at least one.

I met a fellow fly fisher in his Hobie kayak or what it shall be called as he moved forward using his feet and this movement were transformed into a fin like action that was quite efficient. I have never seen such one before but it was definitely a boat that can be used to flyfish from.


Knebel Vig 22/4 2012

An afternoon trip with Thomas wadefishing in Knebel Vig. The weather was good and we were not alone fishing here as the wind from south made it hard to fish many of the usual spots in this area. After a couple of hours Thomas got a trout just on the minimum size. As Thomas needed a fish for sushi and as the trout was hooked in the gills and was bleeding, the fish was taken. Ten minutes later we saw a fish jump out of the water and went for it. We had several fish just touching the fly but no hookups until I got a fish sized as the first one. This one was easy to unhook and as I have fish in the freezer it was released.

Udbyhøj 21/4 2012

An early morning trip with Henrik from Udbyhøj in pontoon boats. There was a VERY cold wind and efter a couple of hours I had to take a break as I could not hold the rod properly so I was not able to cast.

Henrik got the first garfish of the year and it was a good-sized fish. The first one is good fun but soon they will be quite annoying. Despite good effort we did not have much success. Henrik started with 3 hooked fish but lost all of them. After lunch we each caught two trouts but none of them were above the minimum size.

We saw several seals and a porpoise with a cub circled around Henrik at a distance about 5 meter and we also saw an osprey which is quite rare in Denmark – so we saw plenty of wild life.

Ystad 11/4 – 14/4 2012

A delayed Eastern trip to the southern part of Sweden where we would fish for searun brown trout from pontoon boats. We were this time only three: me and Henrik and Lars

We fished at Svarte, Skillinge, Vik and Ystad and we caught fish at all spots. The weather was better than predicted so almost no rain.

Normally at this time of the year most fish are kelps – fish that has spawned – and they may be blank but still not in good condition. The average size is normally around 60 cm and statistically you need to catch between 10 and 20 fish to get a Blänkere as the locals call the fish that skip a spawning season and they what we always hope for.

The first day we got a handful of small blank fish in the 40 – 45 cm range and that is not normal.

This was the largest fish on the trip. A trout around 85 cm but as it needs several pounds to be fit it was released.


This is also a big fish and close to good condition but it had been up spawning this winter.


I was lucky to get two blänkere. The biggest was 60 cm and they were both on top condition. This is superb sushi material.


The largest of the fish I brought back home had meat with an extremely dark  red colour. The stomach content showed that it had a preference for shrimps so there was an explanation.

Four days of fishing and we ended catching 17 fish evenly divided between Henrik and I. Lars was out luck on this trip but I am sure he will come back for a better round next year.