Gjerild strand

After almost 4 weeks without fishing I had signed up Bombayflys weaver cup. We were divided into three teams and as I was together with Henrik and Michael two of the most persistent fishermen I know, I was very content. 2 hours after kick-off both my teammates had quitted as the only participants. I was depressed and could only hope that our competitors did not show up to the final call. They did and naturally the rules which were secret untill after the final whistle turned out to favor the guy making the rules. The weather conditions were bad, most of the participants were mentally absent due to too much beer the night before. But as a social event we had a blast and though we caught next to nothing – I surely did – our chairman Lasse got a nice turbot on fly the night before.


Alvdal week 26 2012

A week fishing in Alvdal in Norway which means in Glomma and in Folla. We were 8½ persons if Olivia (4 months old) counts as a ½. Besides Olivia it was Inge, Augusta, Henning, Harry, Anders, Gunnar and my wife Lise. Most of us wanted to do dry-fly fishing from our pontoon boats as this earlier has been very succesful and very entertaining.  Here we mainly fish for grayling but trouts may also be around but in smaller numbers. The weather forecast was more or less awful with lots of wind and low temperatures.

Lise entering the pontoon boat for the very first time – something you need to adjust to.

On her second trip Lise was quite familiar with the boat and could focus on the fishing and not without pride she called me to take a photo of her first grayling on a dry-fly.

Here presenting the fish – a grayling around the 15½ inch mark.

That night we had smoked grayling for dinner.

after 4 days we finally got some warmer days with less wind and the fishing then really improved as there were more insects hatching and it was easier to see the fish and to cast for them.

One day Henning was hot as he got lots of grayling and also this 19 inch brown trout, which turned out to be the biggest on the trip

Soon after his trout Henning also landed this 17½ inch grayling so everything went his way this day.

That day we brought back a nice basket with fish for dinner and lunch despite we only killed a very limited number of fish of the fish we caught.

The largest grayling on the trip – a 20½ inch fish. The dorsal fin has fantastic colours that looks even better in the water when the sun is shining.

The last day was quite cold but there were many small mayflies and many fish showed to this buffet. That day I got around 15 fish with 2 in the 18 inch range and many  other good-sized fish.

Inge despite being norwegian and a fly-fisher had never fished for grayling before as they are eastfish to him coming from the northwestern part of Norway. But here he presents one of his graylings in very nice surroundings.

After a week fishing we were content and had our share of the action. I got more or less 100 graylings and two trouts.  I also three times saw beavers and one otter and a crane. I was also very happy that Lise caught fish on the fly and really enjoyed the fishing and the rafting in the boats so there may be another pontoon trip next year.