Enebær Odde 29-30/9 2012

A weekend trip with the Bombayfly guys to Enebær Odde. This is a beautiful spot at the entrance to Odense Fjord where we should stay at the light house for two nights. Due to road constructions and heavy traffic everybody arrived very late and we could not fish friday evening. Saturday morning some of us started early while others were taking care of their hangovers.

I fished with Michael and we soon found a spot with lots of activity. Many fish showed at the surface some head and tailed while others jumped. It was a mixture of coloured and blank fish and small and big fish but despite the activity within casting reach we did not catch much.

At one time Michael casted to a small fish and hooked a much better fish.

It was a 53 cm very nice trout that turned out to be the best fish on the trip and thanks to this he won a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and a table from Brd. Andersen.

This morning Michae ended up catching four trouts and I got five but expect the fine fish everything was released.

I do not know how but after fishing an hour or so I discovered this little fellow in my stripping basket.

This trip was not as productive as we had hoped for. I got 8 trouts but only smaller fish but we did see some nice fish jump and I will definately join the trip next year if it is possible and we did have a lot of fun and that is an important part of the game as well.


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