Bredningen 7/10 2012

A morning trip in pontoon boats with Jan and Caspar fly fishing for pike. It was a bit cold and quite windy but we had heard about good fishing the day before so we were eager to give it a shot. The first couple of hours not much happened, We all got one small pike and some rain. Then we took a break and after the break the wind really picked up. Jan decided to head back while Caspar and I fished on. I was lucky to hit the spot and within 10 minutes I got 4 pikes. 3 pikes in 3 casts means a sort of hat trick.

Due to the wind I only got this bad photo. The pikes were not big except for the first one they were all around 4 -5 pounds.

It then got so windy that we decided to go back and that was a struggle, so today we do not need to go to the gym.


Mariager Fjord 4/10 2012

An afternoon trip with Michael wade fishing in Mariager Fjord. We started out just after some heavy rain and had nice weather all the time though you can feel that it is fall as the temperature falls quickly when the sun sets. As there were little wind any movement in the water was easy to spot. We did see several fish and caught around ten trouts but most of them were too small. Michael managed to get two nice fish but he released both.

Michaels first fish of the day

The last hour we had some very interesting fishing for trout close to the shore. They were moving around in 1 – 2 feet of water. This one was caught less than 5 meters from the bank. As you may see the surroundings in Mariager are beautiful with the trees all the way down to the water.