Bredningen 10/11 2012

A pontoon boat trip fly fishing for pike. I was on my own and that usually means that I do not fish many hours and so it was today as well. I had some action but today I was not lucky or good enough to hook the pikes that grabbed the fly. I lost the majority af the fish  but when you release them anyway it is not that important though you always think that the ones that got away were the largest.

Today I got a handful of pike in my hand and lost more than that. All the pikes were small and the highlight of the day was when I came within 15 feet to an otter – I felt that I could touch it with my fly rod.

This was the average size so not much to brag about.


Lars Matthiessen 4,2 kg searun brown trout

Lars Matthiessen 36 inch striper from Cape Cod

Brabrand Sø, 9/11 2012

A pontoon trip on Brabrand Sø for pike. It was after work and as it darkens quite early it was a short trip alone. I soon hooked a small pike that did not get hold to the fly untill the third attempt, so it may not be a big pike but an entertaining one.

After fishing close to the banks for a hour with the floating line  I decided to go deeper and I put on a 200 grains line. I also went  more to the center of the lake and then I got a hookup that differed from the normal pike hookup. When it came to the surface I realized that it was a walleye. I was not well prepared for this as I had no landing net or priest in the pontoon boat, but I managed to get it.

It was a 67 cm 6½ pund walleye, my first on the fly and a nice one.

Later I got another pike and then I had misplaced my plier which resulted in this. I can assure this is not pike blood 🙂

Nice to come back with this in the transport net I am already thing on how to serve it. I am quite sure that it will some sort of sous vide style as I have bought such a machine and I love it.

Bredningen 3/11 2012

With a nice weather forecast it was time to try the pikes in Bredningen with the Bombay guys Henrik and Jeppe and two of Jeppes friends.

we started out 9 Am and fished until 2 PM. The sun was shining and without rain it was quite nice despite the low temperature both in the water and in the air. I caught 6  pikes and that was more or less the average catch today. everyone got fish but no one got into the big ones. I think the largest today was around 6 pound but that is also a nice fish. everything was released and I was lucky that all my fish  could be released just by holding the hook and twist it – so fish were harmed and I could keep my hands dry.

Jepper with a pike, they did not come much bigger today.