Brabrand Sø, 9/11 2012

A pontoon trip on Brabrand Sø for pike. It was after work and as it darkens quite early it was a short trip alone. I soon hooked a small pike that did not get hold to the fly untill the third attempt, so it may not be a big pike but an entertaining one.

After fishing close to the banks for a hour with the floating line  I decided to go deeper and I put on a 200 grains line. I also went  more to the center of the lake and then I got a hookup that differed from the normal pike hookup. When it came to the surface I realized that it was a walleye. I was not well prepared for this as I had no landing net or priest in the pontoon boat, but I managed to get it.

It was a 67 cm 6½ pund walleye, my first on the fly and a nice one.

Later I got another pike and then I had misplaced my plier which resulted in this. I can assure this is not pike blood 🙂

Nice to come back with this in the transport net I am already thing on how to serve it. I am quite sure that it will some sort of sous vide style as I have bought such a machine and I love it.