Review of in Arizona wanderings

A review has been published in Arizona Wanderings. Follow the link, reed it and see some very nice fish and Photos.  Below you can see a teaser



Skåna 17/4-20/4 2013

Like last year a trip with Henrik and Lars to the Southern part of Sweden fishing in pontoon boats for sea run brown trout in saltwater. I came a bit earlier than the other two so I could fish the first day. I drove directly to a spot near Svarte and the conditions looked really good. But then a Fellow fisherman – a Dane living in Sweden – stopped his car and we chatted for ½ hour and what he could tell was not promising. He had been fishing for four days without seeing or feeling anything and that was what everyone experienced at the moment. And no one could tell why the fishing was that bad. Despite this I fished some hours in the afternoon and again in the evening and I caught two trouts both nice blank fish app. 45 cm. As the minimum size here is 50 cm they were both released but I felt Lucky.


2013-04-19 17.41.04

The next day the wind had increased in strength. I too this photo but it looks much calmer than it was. You do not want to fish in a pontoon boat here. Due to the wind all fishermen were fishing the same part of the area and this made things quite crowded.  We went to Vik this day. The wind came in blows up to 16 m/s and then it is tough to hold the boat up against the wind and we had to work very hard. This day I got 4 small blank trouts while Lars got 2 smaller fish and Henrik got a big blank kelt.

The third day we had too much wind again and we found a new part near Kivik where we could hide for the wind. Here Henrik was quite annoying for some spin Fishers as he got 3 fish just outside their spot while they were on a break.

2013-04-19 12.05.02

Henrik is hooked up…


2013-04-19 12.05.38

and ready to land the fish…

2013-04-19 12.06.22

and can present the fish before release.


2013-04-19 12.19.34

This day I got an ide on more than 4 lbs. Not a big fighter but a personal best and something I did not expect.


2013-04-20 11.59.24

The last day the weather was like we had hoped for back home and the fishermen were spread over the different reefs. This day I lost 3 big kelts but as I also got two nice fish up to 50 cm I was content. Henrik also excelled in losing fish this day but also managed to get one fish in.



Here the largest of all Henriks fish – in top condition it would have been a fantastic fish.



Lars ended the last day with the best fish of the trip. A beautiful 4 lbs. fish in top condition.

To sum things up we were not lucky with the weather but we all got fish every day. Both Lars and I only got blank fish and that is unusual this time of the year while Henrik only got kelts. We landed almost 20 fish and we will come back next year hoping for even better fishing.


Rander Fjord 14/4 2013

Two days ago the weather forecast said up to 13 degrees Celcius and almost no wind but today it was 8-9 degrees and very windy so we had to Work very hard just to hold the pontoon boats in place. It was a pontoon trip with the Bombay Guys: Lars, Henrik, Lasse, Torben and Claus.

At lunch time Henrik had caught a too small fish and I had one small but legal fish and that was more or less it. I was in killing mode today so it was kept for dinner tonight.

2013-04-14 11.18.55

42 cm not a big fish but a tasty fish.

After lunch Lasse and Claus went to Grenå havn where 10.000 Rainbow trouts from a fish farm had escaped and they got app. 70 trouts in 3 hours most around 3 lbs. So no shortage of fish there.