Rander Fjord 14/4 2013

Two days ago the weather forecast said up to 13 degrees Celcius and almost no wind but today it was 8-9 degrees and very windy so we had to Work very hard just to hold the pontoon boats in place. It was a pontoon trip with the Bombay Guys: Lars, Henrik, Lasse, Torben and Claus.

At lunch time Henrik had caught a too small fish and I had one small but legal fish and that was more or less it. I was in killing mode today so it was kept for dinner tonight.

2013-04-14 11.18.55

42 cm not a big fish but a tasty fish.

After lunch Lasse and Claus went to Grenå havn where 10.000 Rainbow trouts from a fish farm had escaped and they got app. 70 trouts in 3 hours most around 3 lbs. So no shortage of fish there.


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