Jernhatten & Hadsten 2/6 2013

Yesterday I fished the early morning at Jernhatten but as I had forgotten my camera it can only be a very brief report: 2 garfish, 4-5 greater Weavers and 6-7 very small cods. I did not see any trouts and I met John that had fished there through the night and he did not see any trouts either.

Sunday I went to see the Danish championship in fly casting as it is good fun and I had sponsored some as prices. As I participated a couple of times a few years ago it is an event where I can meet old friends and talk about tackle, casting style, tackle, the wind influence and more tackle. The atmosphere is always competitive but also very friendly and despite the competition all good casts are cheered at even by the other contenders. This day it was very windy which resulted in new chanpionship records in all the distance events but made the precision event very difficult.


2013-06-02 10.25.54

Silja was unfortunately the only woman so she had to be in the mens competition. She did set a new womans record in the shooting head one hand distance on 38,1 meter.

2013-06-02 11.13.09

As I fish and cast with Thomas, so he was my personal favourite. He did as always very well in the distance events and fine but the spectacular in the precision event so he ended as overall number 2 in the one hand event – very good and a new personal best result. Big congratulations from me.

2013-06-02 15.47.33

The top 3 contenders in the mens senior (Henrik, Lasse  and Thomas) flanked by the two of the referees (Nikolai and Lars).



2013-06-02 15.49.48

This years Danish champions: from left: Johannes in the junior event (he made the 3rd longest cast off all in the full line one hand distance, very impressive), Henrik (two hand distance) and Lasse (one hand senior). Lasse and Henrik has each won 3 one hand championships, so no surprise in finding them here.




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