Glenstrup sø, 22/9-2013

After the visit to the empty coast of Djursland yesterday I went for something different as I with Allan and Michael went to Glenstrup sø flyfishing for pike from our pontoon boats and bellyboats.

Today it was cloudy and quite windy. As a matter of fact the wind became stronger and stronger during the day  and in the end it was very hard work just to keep the boat in place. I started with a flash fly and soon I saw a perch following the fly. Later I had one pike that refused in the last second. I then followed Allan and Michael into the shallow water and there we had plenty of action. We had many fish that followed the fly or tried to grab the fly. My breakthrough was when Allan gave me a big white and red fiber fly. It was tied in something called hollow tie style (or at least I think so) that made the fly swing randomly  from side to side when retrieving. It looked very good and it worked very well. I still had many fish that was not hooked but in the shallow water it was a very visual and exciting experience.


2013-09-22 11.28.16

After a few smaller fish Allan got this nice fish around 32 inches.


2013-09-22 11.46.41

Soon after he was into another nice fish


2013-09-22 11.49.34

it was about the same size, also a nice fish

As you may see all the pikes were caught near the bank in shallow water and due to the wind it would have been easier to wade with a stripping basket and I am sure today it would have been more efficient.


2013-09-22 12 31 56 (2)

The I hooked a big fish and I really enjoyed that both Allan and I saw the take


2013-09-22 12 35 06 (2)

To land it I had to go to the bank


2013-09-22 12 36 43 (2)

A pike at 40 inches with very nice colours and wide and deep


2013-09-22 13.05.29

At the same time Michael landed this fish, which was his best of the day.


2013-09-22 13 54 39 (2)

Later I got another fish at around 34 inches


2013-09-22 14.03.56


2013-09-22 14.05.11

Allan ended with his best fish of the day which was 36 inches.

Finally we had caught allmost 20 pikes and had many more takes and many of the fish were of very nice size so I think that we all agreed that this a fine day with lots of action but also some frustration. Despite the Danish animal ethical commitee has just announced that it wants to ban C&R, we released all the fish and we are quite confident that the fish prefer to be back in the lake than to be in the botton of our freezer.


Djursland 28/9-2013

wading on the outer coast of Djursland with Frank and Ove exspecially focused on the small reefs. The weather was nice and the water clear but this often very productive coast seemed quite deserted today.

2013-09-21 10.50.30

I got this very small trout and Ove had a fish that grabbed the fly but as he put it “the fish bit the hook to pieces”. His evil friend Frank indicated that it might have something to do with the rocky Beach and the back cast.

Enebærodde 12-15/9 2013

Like last year an extended weekend trip to Enebærodde with 25 of the Bombay Guys. This involves normally a lot of pontoon boats, a lot of fly gear including and a lot of alcohol and from there things may develop in any way.

The first night I caught a nice 50 cm sea trout but as the fridge was not working I had to release it and I screwed up the photo – so no photo.

2013-09-13 08.40.20

The next morning Henrik got this 44 cm trout and he was a happy man. We did catch fish but generally they were in the 25-30 cm range and that was not what we came for.

2013-09-13 12.34.22

Two of the new members Frank and Ove made a statement when they started with their lunch. Small sausages with Jalapeños wrapped with bacon was cooked.

2013-09-13 12.41.57

They were also well prepared in the fluid department.

2013-09-13 17.32.53

Friday I fished some time with Allan and Michael that had found a school of small fish plus some fish above the minimum size. Allan had allready got this nice trout and I also got one 44 cm fish.


At a moment we spotted a school of mullets and we casted for them and in the second cast I was hooked up in a way I have never experienced before in Denmark. The water was like a mirror and the sun was shining and the fish went deep into the backing. I struggled with the fish for at least 20 minutes and in the clear Water we found out why. It was a mullet hooked just ahead of the dorsal fin. I could not land it from the pontoon boat so I had the go to the Beach.


2013-09-13 14.42.13

It was a 7 lb. mullet a and despite it had not taken the fly properly it was a fantastic experience.


There are cows on this protected peninsula and deers. This deer always grassed with a herd of cows and I am convinced that it thinks it is a cow.

2013-09-12 19.43.21

To sum things up we did not see many fish like last year and we only got seven trouts above the minimum size and a lot of very small fish, some garfish and a mullet. I could not complaint as I got three of the trouts and the mullet. But I am convinced that we next year will try a new destination for the trip despite it is a very beautiful spot.