Enebærodde 12-15/9 2013

Like last year an extended weekend trip to Enebærodde with 25 of the Bombay Guys. This involves normally a lot of pontoon boats, a lot of fly gear including Linekurv.dk and a lot of alcohol and from there things may develop in any way.

The first night I caught a nice 50 cm sea trout but as the fridge was not working I had to release it and I screwed up the photo – so no photo.

2013-09-13 08.40.20

The next morning Henrik got this 44 cm trout and he was a happy man. We did catch fish but generally they were in the 25-30 cm range and that was not what we came for.

2013-09-13 12.34.22

Two of the new members Frank and Ove made a statement when they started with their lunch. Small sausages with Jalapeños wrapped with bacon was cooked.

2013-09-13 12.41.57

They were also well prepared in the fluid department.

2013-09-13 17.32.53

Friday I fished some time with Allan and Michael that had found a school of small fish plus some fish above the minimum size. Allan had allready got this nice trout and I also got one 44 cm fish.


At a moment we spotted a school of mullets and we casted for them and in the second cast I was hooked up in a way I have never experienced before in Denmark. The water was like a mirror and the sun was shining and the fish went deep into the backing. I struggled with the fish for at least 20 minutes and in the clear Water we found out why. It was a mullet hooked just ahead of the dorsal fin. I could not land it from the pontoon boat so I had the go to the Beach.


2013-09-13 14.42.13

It was a 7 lb. mullet a and despite it had not taken the fly properly it was a fantastic experience.


There are cows on this protected peninsula and deers. This deer always grassed with a herd of cows and I am convinced that it thinks it is a cow.

2013-09-12 19.43.21

To sum things up we did not see many fish like last year and we only got seven trouts above the minimum size and a lot of very small fish, some garfish and a mullet. I could not complaint as I got three of the trouts and the mullet. But I am convinced that we next year will try a new destination for the trip despite it is a very beautiful spot.


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